Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Need Something

Yeah I need something...or better yet a lot of things.

1.TIME for myself- TIME to work out, TIME to eat, TIME to lay and do nothing ALONE, TIME to lay around and do nothing with Buddy, TIME to go out on a date, TIME to go shopping, TIME with my girl friends, TIME to go visit my girl friends and I am sure I am forgetting something.

2. New clothes- NOTHING and I mean NOTHING fits anymore. Thank you to all of you who think I look great, but I can assure you that I don't feel that great. Unless I can get to the gym 5 times a week (not looking good) I am going to have to go on a serious shopping spree just so I will have clothes to wear. Oh and did I mention I need to go somewhere out of town because Albany has NOTHING here. Outlet Mall would be nice for my wallet.

3. Christmas shopping- I have done absolutely no shopping for Christmas. Everyone might just be getting a gift card and a picture of Beau. Sorry no thoughtful gift this year. Hopefully next year.

4. TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!!!!!!!! It has been freezing all week so haven't taken Beau out of the house. So I have been stuck here all day every day (except for one day I did go shopping by myself for an hour, good but not enough time or shopping). I also don't like to go alone with Beau anywhere it is so much trouble! So what should I do? Suck it up and take Beau out in the cold by myself and go somewhere just so I'm not here? Wait for the weekend so Buddy or my mom and come with me? Oh wait I can't go anywhere because I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR!!!!!!!

5. A good night or weekend with my friends. I need to cry from laughing too hard. I need to hear about your lives. I need to eat good food. I need to watch our favorite movies and quote them all the way through. So friends if you are reading this and I hope you are. COME SAVE ME!!!!!
Don't get me wrong. I love my baby Beau Breezy and I love taking care of her every day. I am going to miss these weeks whenever I go back to work. She is growing so much everyday and doing different things everyday and I hope I don't miss too much while I am at work. She is beautiful and so much fun and a wonderful addition to our lives.

Funny story about Beau to end this pathetic post. She hates hats. Screams every time we try to put one on her head. But we have found a hat that she will wear. She loves her Santa hat! And she looks so cute in it! So if she is still wearing her Santa hat in February you will know why. We aren't still stuck on Christmas, it's just the only hat she will wear.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Wow! I can't believe I haven't written on the blog in a whole month. Well, I guess I can, but it still seems like a long time. I am sure you all have stopped checking it, but hopefully this will be a nice surprise if it has stumbled across your mind to check again.

Beau's first thanksgiving went well and she was very good, although I think the whole week turned her schedule upside down. She adjusted well though, and is right back on her normal schedule this week which includes sleeping through the night! What does her normal schedule consist of you might ask? Well here is a basic run down:

7:30- Wake up and eat
8-9- Lay on the floor and kick around/sit in her chair/smile at mom
9-10:30 or 11- Morning nap
10:30- Eat again
11-12:30- Play
1-1:30- Quick Nap
1:30- Eat again
2-3- Play with dad when he gets home from work
3-4:30- Afternoon nap
4:30- Eat again
5-7- Play with mom and dad/Bath time with dad
7-7:30- Quick nap
7:30- Eat again
8-9:30- Fussy time/Walk around with mom
9:30- Last feeding
10- Off to bed

This is basically what it looks like. Eat-Wake-Sleep. She eats every 3-3.5 hours now. And now that she is sleeping through the night she will progress to eating every 4 hours which will be AWESOME!

She went to the doctor yesterday for her 2 month checkup which really was more like her 2.5 month check up. She is 11 lbs. 11 oz. and only 22 inches long. She has already gained 75% of her weight (they need to double their birth weight by 6 months, she was 6 lbs. 5oz. when she was born), but she is considered short because she is only in the 5 percentile of height. No worries though Dr. Hester says, she is a healthy baby girl. She also got her first round of shots. It was so sad and she cried and was upset after, but she went to sleep and woke up just fine. She hasn't run a fever, so she feels fine I think. She just wanted to sleep a little more yesterday afternoon so we let her sleep.

I apologize for no pictures, but I forget to take pictures on our actual camera. I am going to become better at it, promise! I will upload another video soon. Just her playing and smiling. Hopefully I will write before January 1, but don't hold me to it! It's Christmas and I will be super busy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Boo and a Bath

Everything is falling into place at the McBride house. Although Beau hasn't slept through the night yet and gets her routine (feed-wake-sleep) reversed sometimes, she seems to be getting use to life and our schedule. She smiles more now and is filling out some of her clothes. She might even be moving up to number 1 diapers now instead of newborns soon.

She meet her Great-Granddaddy Pa this weekend. He was so cute talking to her and telling her that he had been waiting a long time to meet her, how she needs to straighten out her boy 2nd cousins and how he wanted to take her to NC with him because we were gong to spoil her down here. Like he wouldn't....

She also had her first Halloween. Although she didn't have an actual costume she did look sweet in her pumpkin, onesie, tu-tu outfit her Shug bought for her. She even went to CandyFest for a little while and got to show off her outfit to some people from church. She was so sweet!

Oh and she has started sleeping in her crib! I am so proud of her! Now we can move the pack-n-play out from in front of the fireplace just in time for the cooler weather to arrive.

We also shot a little video of her bath time, so enjoy how cute she is!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Month Down

At 0ne month old, we are finally adjusting to our new lives, baby, mommy and daddy. Beau is learning to nurse very well and she is growing a lot. She is sleeping good at night, but still wakes up at least once to eat. But I think she is moving towards sleeping through the night and will be getting the hang of it soon. She is more alert this week and is focusing on faces more and smiling a whole lot more! I love her little smile and find myself making funny faces and talking in baby voices for a good portion of my day just trying to make her smile more.

As for me, I am getting use to limited sleep and learning to function on the smallest amount of sleep in my life. Which I better get use to it because I probably will be doing this for years to come. My crying has settled down for the most part and I am getting more comfortable with my responsibilities as a mom.

I have found that these feelings grow stronger everyday...

1. My love for Beau
2. My love for Buddy
3. My appreciation for my mom for what she did and does
4. My confidence as a mom
5. My reliance on God for everything

And I hope that they never stop growing and I never lose sight of them even at my weakest moments.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Yeah so going on week 3, I am officially on my own with the little one. She had an action packed weekend filled with lots of company and her first visit(s) to Shug and Papa Jim’s house. So she was a bit fussy Saturday and Sunday night, which did not do anything for my lack of sleep and attitude or Buddy’s sleep either, and he had to go to work the next day!

I am getting the hang of motherhood, but I have also started to notice a new addition to my insecurity level which is common (I am sure) in every new mom…”Am I being a good mom?”

I feel like I need to want to hold her more, or I need to play with her more while she is awake, or I need to talk to her more, but with the lack of sleep all I want to do is feed her and put her back down to sleep most of the time. Is this wrong? I get the impression that most moms want to hold their babies all the time and spend as much time with them as they can. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love her very much and wouldn’t change anything, but I can’t wait to go somewhere by myself or with Buddy…alone. I am trying to get her comfortable with a bottle so we can go out for our anniversary this weekend, and so I can have some extra sleep and time to myself when I need it.

I don’t think I’m awful or a bad mom, but it’s probably just going to take some getting use to. Our lives have been flipped around and shaken up, and once I figure out which way is up I am sure things will start to level out to a new normal.

That’s what I have to remember, things will never be like they were before. But we can still have bits of our old lives sprinkled in with the new. And I have come to find that those “normal” moments of our previous life, pre-baby, are sweeter, special and treasured now, when I didn’t give them a thought before.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


My water broke at 4 a.m. on Thursday morning, September 17. I felt something when I was in bed and jumped up out of bed, when it was confirmed that my water had broken and I had not just peed on myself. I scared Buddy to death as he came out of the bathroom in pitch dark and was face to face with me as I said, "I think my water just broke." He jumped back and said, "Mallory!" in a frustrated voice and then took an step back and said, "What does that mean? Do we have to go?" I said, "Yep," and off I went to gather the last minute items to throw in our bag before we left for the hospital. I was really nervous, and Buddy tried to tell me to calm down, but I just didn't want to forget anything and I was about to deliver a BABY! So yeah I was a little shaky and nervous.

We send out the text messages, called the parents and headed off to the hospital around 4:45. Once we got there Buddy started on the paper work as I was getting settled in, in the labor and delivery room. Gown on, monitors strapped on, ready for the show to begin.

Let me just say now that it is really uncomfortable to have your water break and have to sit in it as it oozes out over the next 10 hours...gross I know.

So I sent out a few emails from my Blackberry to close up some work stuff before my contractions started getting bad. Well they never really got bad, but I called for the epidural at 3 cm anyway.

Epidural...bad decision. Started off good for the first hour, couldn't feel anything. Then my legs started feeling really irritated like they were going to sleep and I wanted to move them all around. Then I started turning over from side to side and I was really uncomfortable. So they thought I was still feeling my contractions except in my legs, so they came in and re-dosed my medication. Bad idea. That made everything worse, so much worse. Then they gave me something to make me completely numb to make all the pain go away. Another bad decision. I still felt the pain in my legs, got really nauseous, felt like I couldn't breathe and still wanted to turn from side to side but couldn't because I was as limp as a noodle. I freaked Buddy out, freaked my mom out and the poor nurse that was taking care of me. When Dr. Gaydos got there she made them stop the medicine and that is when things started getting better. I feel asleep after a while and when I woke up I could move my arms, breathe, felt no more sickness and began to get some feeling back in my legs. When she check me I was 9.5 cm dilated and was getting ready to push.

I felt some contractions that I couldn't talk through, but only on one side of my stomach. I pushed for 6 contractions and little Beau Brezec McBride made her debut into the world. Buddy cut the cord and they cleaned her up, weighted her and gave her some shots. They gave her to me and we had some family time before everyone came in to meet her. We immediatley fell in love with her, along with everyone else.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Beau's Nursery

Here is the completed nursery! I shot a video and also took some pictures.So glad it is done...all we need now is a baby.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Weeks To Go!

Where 3 weeks use to fly by, it now feels like an eternity! I keep thinking, "3 weeks, T-H-R-E-E, MORE WEEKS!" I don't think I can do three more weeks of this running to the bathroom twice and hour, or this taking a solid minute to get up from the bed or couch, or this itchy belly that feels like it is about to explode. I really hope and pray she comes early. I'll give her another week before I start getting really anxious, but after September 16, she better be packing her bags and moving on out in the next few days!

We received a surprise gift via UPS yesterday...our Pack and Play! My cousin Judd, his wife Annie, and their twins Kylie and Gavin sent us the last missing piece in our necessary baby items! We are so appreciative and have already put it together in anticipation for her arrival. (Sorry I forgot to take a picture this morning)

Also, I called today and our chair is in! Yay! The ottoman is still not here, but we can at least have the chair and hopefully the ottoman will be on its way shortly and arrive next week.

I have to also say thank you to Buddy who worked almost all day on Labor Day finishing the changing table by my imposed deadline. I know he would rather have spent the time lying on the couch (like I did) but he kept his promise and finished it! So now when we get the chair in the room it will be complete (minus the ottoman). Sigh of relief. Now I feel like she can come...well after I pack my bags. Then she can come.

More pictures to come tomorrow of the completed room! Yay!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

4 Weeks To Go

Well hopefully less. I am wanting to accomplish a lot of things this Labor Day weekend and then I will be ready for my own labor day...well at least feel ready. Buddy has told me that the changing table will be done this weekend (yay!), hopefully we will get a call this week about our chair being in (double yay!) and then the returns and shopping starts for all those last minute things. I need to order the pack-n-play too. I received a gracious gift card from the hostesses of one of my showers so that will go a long way in getting that. Here are pictures of some of the great things we got from one of our showers this weekend:

The SNUZZLER! From Aunt Marla

Kalincom Diaper Bag: Kiwi From Gigi

Bouncy Seat from Memaw (Megan's Memaw)

Handmade smocked dress and bonnet, and monogrammed diaper cover: From Gigi

Bathtime!: From Shug

As for our emotional and physical state this week...well I would say it is a lot better than the last two weeks. I have not cried once yet, but it's only Wednesday. Pray that I can keep this streak up. Buddy is helping me a lot. He seems to be the only person that can get me in a better mood almost immediately, make me smile when I want to cry and take care of my insecurities and emotional state like no one else. I really love him a lot...and I know he loves me too.

We need to put the car seat in the car, pack our bags and pack the diaper bag, wash baby clothes and breathe! If we can do all of that, I think we will be prepared.

Oh and we have to fit in some football this weekend. I am so glad that football will return this weekend. I have missed it so much. War Eagle! Go Dawgs! Beat Bama! (whoever you are)

Monday, August 23, 2010

5 Weeks To Go

I feel like we can begin to count down instead of up now since we have made it to Week 35.

Thanks for all the support from everyone last week. It really did lift my spirits to know that so many of you have been in the same place I am now, and that I am not an uncharted island of emotions. I don't feel as self aware this week, I actually feel more like I am floating and feel nothing. Maybe it's because of all the unexplained crying spells, which have caused me to become congested and the lack of sleep. Rough.

I did have two great bright spots in my weekend though.

1. I got to visit my second home (Auburn, Ala.) for a semi-reunion with some sorority sisters at Emma Keller Hunts wedding. She was beautiful! And it was great to see some friends for a while.

2. I had my first baby shower, hosted by June and Jay Houston. All the ladies that came really touched my heart. All their gifts were so sweet, and I can't wait to put little Beau in all her new outfits!

I spent a lot of time yesterday getting some more stuff organized in the nursery. I can really see it coming together now! We ordered our chair and ottoman last Thursday and it should be here in 2-3 weeks. I am hoping it will come sooner...but doesn't everyone? It is golden yellow and we got it for a great price, thank you Robert Brooks! Also, my dad painted the bookcase (green) and delivered it to the house, and it is already getting full of stuffed animals and books. I will post some pictures once I get the chair in. Then the last piece will be the changing table. Buddy is going to work on it it this week and have it done by Labor day...and I don't mean my labor day I mean September 6, Week 37.

I have 2 more showers this weekend! The first one being hosted by Rebecca Turner, Kathy Sheffield, Jenni Bode, and MeMaw. Then the second one by Aunt Marla for all the aunts (both sisters and friends). I am really excited to see the sweet things that all these special people in my life are going to get for Beau.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Week 34: Honesty

If this post is erratic and doesn't flow as well as the other ones it's because this is how I feel this week...erratic and like everything doesn't make any sense. This is more for me to vent, with the hopes that someone can say, "I know how you feel." No advice, no solutions, just that they can relate.

This week hasn't started off too well. I feel like there is an overwhelming weight on my shoulders and my hands are tied behind my back. As the weeks press in closer and closer to 40, my anxiety levels and hormones have been shooting through the roof. I don't feel comfortable, at all, in any sense. I'm physically uncomfortable (obviously) and emotionally uncomfortable because I can't pinpoint the cause of why I feel the way I do. All I really know is that I need some HELP. And I have plenty of people who are willing to help, I just need to give in and let them help me. Speak up and say what I need or ask if they would be willing to help me without feeling like a lazy bum, because that is the way I feel. I feel like if I admit that I can't do it on my own and I need help that people will roll their eyes at me, tell me to get over it, that everyone else is busy too, or "you’re about to have a baby, if you think this is hard, just wait." I don't want to look like I don't have it under control, because I ALWAYS try to make it look like I have everything under control. But doesn't everyone?

So I am about to take off the mask and let everyone (who wants to know) the dirt behind my pristine exterior. Here are some of the thoughts running around in my head right now. Although most of them are unfounded and ridiculous, it doesn't change the fact that this is how I feel, and I am sure a lot of others have and will feel the exact same way:

- I don't want people to ask if they can help, I want them just to see where I am struggling and fix it without me having to say anything. (impossible)
- I want to savor these last days of our newlywed lifestyle, where we can go and do anything we want, whenever we want, and enjoy each other’s company without too much responsibility. But I feel like it is impossible to enjoy it now with the mood I currently find myself in. And I know I won't be able to remember our married life before kids because it was so short, and I'm kind of resentful about that. (honesty)
- I feel like everything isn't going to get done. No matter how much I plan, no matter how much I demand, the nursery will never be ready before she gets here. I need it to be ready. Some people say it doesn't have to be ready, but when they say things like that I want to say ugly things to them along with strangle them. (warning)
- I can't even say, or write this one in the words I hear it in my mind because it sounds so awful. So hopefully I can get this off my chest without it sounding so hurtful and unreasonable. Here it goes. I feel like I am no longer going to matter once our baby is here. I wonder...Who is going to take care for me? Who is going to make sure I am getting everything I need? Are the people that are important and love me now going to see me in the same way? I know everyone will automatically love my baby, but will they still have room to love me? (insecurity)
- To wrap this up I don't want people to ask me anymore, "So is everything ready?" "Are you getting excited?" "How are you feeling?" or anything remotely related to the status of my being or my progress. Because I might just rattle off this list to them and they will think I am the worst person/mother-to-be in the entire world. I am sick of smiling and lying, and acting like everything is O.K. Just don't ask, because you don't want to know. (Or maybe you do, since you made it this far in my pathetic blog entry)

I held back tears as I wrote this one. I am looking for it to help me now, but hopefully in the future it will go on to help someone else who is feeling like I am. I really am anxious for her to be here and to get started with motherhood. I'm just scared and uncertain, as everyone is with every life change. I know I'm not alone and that there are more changes to come. Thanks for the support.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Breastfeeding Class

Last night I had my breastfeeding class. I wouldn't have signed up for it or sought it out had they not told me it was free because of the childbirth class we took and had a signup sheet there at the door when we left. So I figured why not? I don't know what I'm doing, I probably do need a class.

Well I figured it would be a room full of pregnant women without their husbands, so I didn't even think to make Buddy come. So when my mom asked if I wanted her to come the offer was so tempting, and I really did want someone there with me, and there is no better person the than Nurse Mama Kim for that role. But I got to thinking that no one else would have their mom's there, so I decided to be e big girl and go by myself like everyone else.

Wrong. So wrong. When I get there half of them drug their husbands along and two of the women even had their moms! I felt so alone, and wanted someone to drive to downtown Albany ASAP and be there with me! I felt like I was the only one who didn't have anyone. Even the lesbian couple in front of me had each other and I didn't have my husband or my mom! But I put on my big girl pants and just dealt with the fact that I was going to sit there, listen and learn.

Did I mention the air conditioner was out? Yeah a room about the size of two large closets packed full of pregnant women (and the lucky ones with a husband, mom, or "partner") with no air. Yeah this is going to be a great environment for learning. Very conducive. Right.

I fidgeted in my chair the whole two hours. My feet and wrists started swelling (which I noticed about half way through), which just added to the feeling of anxiety that was starting to suffocate me because I was uncomfortable and surrounded by SO MANY PEOPLE.

But all in all the class was very good. I was able to stay focused the whole time and it was all very interesting.

The thing that gets me is how they tell you all these great things like my favorite, "Your body was made for this, you are suppose to breastfeed your baby." Which makes you feel like this whole thing is going to be a breeze. But then they start on things like, "if they don't latch on correctly, you will get soar and have cracked nipples," and "if you have problems, it's ok it might just take some time." Um what happened to the first thing you said about my body being made for this and my baby having an innate nature to nurse? Why is it a learned behavior now?

I guess they are trying to get us all excited and pumped up about taking on this task, then they slowly drop in things that "might" happen to you. I guess if you thought it was going to be easy breezy and it ended up being difficult at first then you might want to give up. They just want you to be prepared...I guess.

And in any case I am fortunate to have a great lactation center here in Albany that I can go visit if I DO have problems. Hopefully not though. Pray it all goes smoothly!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 33

Baby Beau has upgraded from squash to honeydew this week. And none of the fruit/vegetable examples have felt more appropriate than this one. I look like I literally have a honeydew shoved up my shirt at all times, and she is only going to get bigger from here. My guess is she is weighing in at about 4.6 lbs and is about 18 inches long. I go with a smaller weight and a longer body because she feels really crunched in there. Her head feels like it is on my bladder, but her feet are in my ribs. I have a feeling she is as uncomfortable as I am with all her squirming. Some of those kicks actually hurt pretty badly!

As for this weekend, we didn't do much. Buddy got started on the changing table/dresser and also bought Beau her first diapers when he went to Wal-Mart. I took a much needed break and made a list (a very long list) of things we still need to do, things we still need to buy, and what we need to pack in our hospital bags/diaper bag. I feel a lot more prepared, but the magnitude of the list is a little overwhelming.

But there is light. Buddy's aunt and uncle, Sherri and Andy, bought us the travel system we wanted! It was such a wonderful surprise, unexpected and very generous. We appreciate it soooo much and can't wait till it gets her this week. One more thing checked off the list (a very big thing). Here is a sneak peak in case you want to see what we chose.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Childbirth Class

Buddy and I had our all day child birth class this past Saturday. We were there from 9-5 with a one hour lunch break. It didn't seem as long as I thought it would, but it was pretty long and uncomfortable. Our instructor looked oddly like Mrs. Shelia's twin. She is a nurse on the 5th floor and I hope she is there when we are because I want you all to see this craziness, and also to get a picture of Mrs. Shelia with her side by side.

I did get to feeling really uncomfortable and light headed during the morning session and had to take a 30 minute breather in the lactation room. I had told Buddy I didn't feel good and was going to the bathroom. Well I didn't come back for like 20 minutes because I was sitting in a more comfortable rocking chair in the lactation room where I could still hear what the instructor was saying for the most part. Buddy says the instructor stopped and asks him if I am alright. He turned around and told her he thought I was just standing up in the back this whole time. So off he went to find me with the instructor. When they found me, she told Buddy to bring the rocker out to the room so I could be a part of everything. I felt really bratty being the only one sitting comfortably, but what can I say? I felt better, I'm sorry they didn't think of it first. And I made it back just in time to see the graphic footage of a woman giving birth. When the baby came out (which they showed) I actually said, "Uh" in disgust. It looked disgusting, weird and painful. So glad I am going to be heavily medicated at that point.

That was all before lunch. After lunch we got back and went over what we needed to bring to the hospital, what we should expect happens after we give birth, how to diaper and swaddle a baby, then we had a hospital tour. The tour was probably the most beneficial part of the whole class. I liked to see where I was suppose to go, where everyone else would be in the waiting room and what the rooms looked like.

I will say that the Labor and Delivery room looks like a hotel suite. Which I am guessing they are trying to make you as comfortable as possible while you endure intense pain and raging hormones. Good plan. But you know what's not so good? The broom closet they put you in after you have GIVEN BIRTH! I don't know how they expect you, your husband, the baby and 3 other people plus a nurse to fit into this room. It will make me feel really overwhelmed and nervous if that many people are in my room at a time. I might scream, and possibly do a lot of other things I won't be proud of in the morning. So if I go crazy and tell you to get out, know that I love you and appreciate you coming, but make your visit short or just come see us at the house.

I feel much more prepared now, but it is starting to set in that I actually have to do this soon and that is scary. Approximately 8 weeks from now I will be in the worst pain of my life. The anticipation is anxiety is odd. How can you prepare yourself for pain? Usually you don't know it's coming, but I know it's coming and I have no idea how to prepare for that. And I don't know how either one of us is going to handle it. I am already thinking I might want my mommy (yes I said mommy) in the labor and delivery room. We have decided it will just be me and Buddy, and I am going to try to stick to that. I just have a feeling I might have a break down and want her too and at that point Buddy might want her in there too to take some of the pressure off him. Who knows? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sewing Projects Complete!

I am finally done with all three of the sewing projects. The bumper pads and bed skirt rival for taking the most time, and the curtain was a breeze! But all the time was worth it in the end, and I couldn't have done it without my mom's help! Or at least it wouldn't have looked as professional if she hadn't helped. And it would have taken me twice as long, so I am very thankful.

Well here is the new stuff! I hope you all like it, because I L-O-V-E it! So many more colors and it is soothing to the eyes as well as fun and perfect for a baby room.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 31

I feel like the weeks are closing in on us. Maybe that's because people keep asking/saying things like this:
"So 31 weeks, you got everything ready yet?"
Buddy responds, "Yeah, basically."
(Mallory looks at him like, have you seen the nursery?) And then pips up and says, "No, we aren't even close."
Buddy says, "Well basically."
Mallory (still with a look of utter confusion) says, "No."

So yeah we have painted, and yeah I have sewn a few things, and maybe we have a crib now. But we are nowhere near being done or ready! Although I don't think I will ever be ready, at least I can have the room ready and that will give me some comfort. But now I have very minimal comfort, I have minimal comfort in my plan of attack and my direction for the nursery.

Remember how I was going to go with navy and pink. Well someone should have slapped me around and told me that two colors would be tacky and drive me crazy! So i scrapped everything I had previously done and purchased (which broke my wallet) and bought all new fabric for the nursery. This color palette has a greater range, and I just want to go sit in there now all the time. Which before I wanted to cry. But my sitting cannot be accomplished until I complete the bumper pads, paint a bookcase, get the dresser in that Buddy is building and um I don't know buy a chair!

I did find some chairs at Brooks Furniture that I really like. One is the perfect color (a golden yellow), and on sale. Although I like the way others feel a little bit better, I don't know if I like them $100 better, so I will have to take Buddy back later to help me decide. Plus I want Buddy to be comfortable too so he needs to weigh in on that as well.

Pictures to come of phase 2 in the nursery tomorrow. Hopefully.

Friday, July 23, 2010

We Got a Crib!

We are really moving along with this whole nursery thing. Our crib was delivered yesterday and Buddy came right home from working an 8 hr. day starting at 4 a.m. and put it together. Although it didn't take him very long, because he is so handy like that, he went straight to sleep afterwards.

I am almost done with the crib skirt. I tried to do some ghettoness (by taping it to the crib)to make things easier, but I am going to have to do it the right way and sew all four pieces to the right length of muslin. It really is very easy, but I just wanted to be done with it so I tried it the ghetto way first with no luck and no approval from my mom. So with her help I am going to fix it.

Also I have decided that I might go insane in a room with only pink and navy in every nook and cranny. So I am headed to PJ's today to see if I can find some fabric for the bumper pads that has some pinks, blues and other colors...because I NEED some other colors...ASAP. I will probably work on the bumper pads this weekend and hopefully have an updated picture of the crib for you on Monday or Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nursery Phase 1: Paint

As we make room for baby, we had to turn my sewing room into a nursery and the first thing that had to go was the brown paint. While I was away at the beach in June Buddy chose a pink (because of the name "sweetie pie") and painted the room. When I returned home I decided I really wanted a high chair rail with the bottom painted white. So when Ashley Miller decided to join us for the 4th of July, I put her to work helping me paint the bottom white and Buddy to work making the chair rail. We ended up getting it all done within the weekend and it went by really fast!

Now that the fumes have settled I have begun the sewing process. Once all is done I will post pictures of the pieces which will include curtain, bed skirt, bumper pads and a pillow or two.

Next will be furniture. We have ordered the crib and it will be here in 6-10 days. Then all we need is a dresser, a chair and a book case that I am getting from my grandparents house that was mine when I was little.

Then comes the accessories. Lamps, picture frames, rug, nick nacks, etc. Ah! So many things to do, but hopefully I have ten more weeks to get it all done. But I can't count on that so I am going to try and have it done by the end of August. Hopefully that will be plenty of time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Finally Registered...

So with some strong encouragement from my friends and help from my mom I registered on Saturday. I hit Love Letters, Target, Make Room For Baby and online at Babies R Us. I am still thinking about going to Place on the Pointe because I forgot about it, but I feel like I have enough already. So maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Let me just say that if my mom hadn't gone with me, I would have been completely lost! She was a great help and I am so thankful for a mother who is willing to do these things with me and give me great advice. It also doesn't hurt that she worked on the Labor and Delivery floor and is an OB-GYN nurse. That's just icing on the cake. Hopefully I will continue to listen to her years of wisdom and become at least half the mom that she had been to me. Because if I can do that, I think I will be doing ok.

Here are the links to the places I registered if you are interested in checking out some of the things that Beau will need once she arrives!

Target Baby Registry
Babies R Us Registry
You'll have to visit Love Letters and Make Room for Baby to view the registry.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Passed!

After 3 days of junk food, one morning of fasting, 100 ml of orange sugar drink, a few moments of nasousness, and four needles I passed my glucose test! Yay I don't have gestational diabetes!

I did go into a sugar coma after lunch though and slept for 3 hours. But I really needed the rest so that was good. Thanks for all the prayers, I am glad that is over and I can continue with my regular diet and Beau won't be fat.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Her First Outfit

So instead of having Beau Breezy's first outfit being a typical hospital onesie and hat, I decided that she needs something a little different and stylish. Of course being my child, she needs to make a fashion statement in a super cute outfit while greeting the family and friends for the first time. I think I found the perfect thing for her grand entrance and debut.

Oh Etsy how I love you....

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? She will be wearing the pink hat with the white flower to match this...

I think I am just going to have a lowercase "b" and not do her name. I like the name, but I want to keep it simple and cute. And I have decided that I have GOT to learn how to crochet, because I have seen the most adorable hats that cost too much to buy. Hey! I am crafty. I am sure I can figure it out eventually.

Potential halloween costumes....fruit, bear, lion...all SO CUTE!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 29

She is a squash this week! And boy does she like to kick...although still not on command as my disappointed friends and family know. As you can see in the picture, she is anywhere from 2.5 to 3.7 lbs. now! She really doesn't feel that long or that big, but I still can't really tell what she is doing in there.

We had a fun and busy weekend at Aunt Becca's wedding. This is the second wedding Beau has been in and she isn't even born yet!

Also, last week I got some potentially bad news. It looks like my glucose levels are a little high and now I have to take the 3 hour glucose screening test to see if I have gestational diabetes. Yay...

This test includes a 3 day diet I have to follow which I should be excited about, but for some reason I am not. I have to eat my regular meals and then add three things from this list for three days. These things include ice cream, cereal, milk, fruit, bread with jelly, candy bar, sweet roll?, and some other things. The milk I can add, the ice cream probably, fruit yeah. But a candy bar? Really? I haven't eaten a candy bar in years! The thought makes my mind race and my stomach turn. And what in the world is a sweet roll? Can i substitute donut? Because I can fit in a donut.

Anyway, my test is scheduled for Thursday and I will let you all know the results when I do, just send up a quick prayer if you remember. I really don't want to add this to my plate.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 28

Well, she's still an eggplant this week, just packing on the pounds and working on her brain development. She is approximately 2.5 lbs. and between 15 and 17 inches long. She really doesn't feel that big in there, but that's what they say. She can hear noises now and respond to them, as made evident at the fireworks show at Freedom Festival on the 4th of July. The finale really got her moving good. But she still refuses to move on command and is very shy about anybody else feeling her kick and move besides her daddy. Oh well she will have to learn to get over that shyness, because A LOT of people are waiting to hold her.

I have had my restroom visits amped up and my back pain has begun. Also that constant state of exhaustion and wanting to crawl into bed and take a nap is back with a vengeance. So sleepy, so much work. But Lisa (lady at work) did suggest that maybe I go home at lunch and take a quick power nap so I won't be so tired in the afternoon. I might take that suggestion a few times a week...not every day of course.

Today is my glucose test, so hopefully that all goes smoothly and my results will be good. I am already having problems with my diet, and I would hate to add gestational diabetes to the mix.

Yawn, I want to go back to bed.

We did get a lot done with the baby room this weekend and the two weeks before then. Buddy picked out a sweet shade of pink (sweetie pie was the name of the paint) and painted her room while I was gone on vacation with my parents and sister. Then Ashley and I painted the bottom part white and Buddy added a chair rail type of thing around the whole room. Thanks Ashley for helping paint Beau Breezy's room and for visiting us!


Friday, July 2, 2010

4D Pictures

We got the first glimpse of how our baby girl will look once she is born today. And when I say we, I mean me, Buddy, Mr. Jim, Mrs. Shelia, Kim and Steve. No aunts or uncles present, but they were there in spirit. We think she has my nose with Buddy's lips. Let us know what you think.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Really? 7lbs.

So here we are at week 27, she is still the size of an eggplant according to my sources, but she is packing on the pounds from now on and my scale is the one suffering.

I really thought i was doing good, I didn't think I looked too pregnant or bloated, but obviously I am because my doctor (Leslie Gaydos) comes in at my last appointment on Friday June 26, and says "Mallory! What happened, girl?" and I looked around and said "What happened?" And then she proceeds to give me the mortifying news that I gained 7 LBS! since my last visit a month ago. She asked me what I was doing different...I said I went on vacation, so maybe I didn't eat as well then?

But seriously I didn't think I was eating that much different in the past month as I had been? So maybe (and hopefully) baby Beau just had a growth spurt and decided to pack on a few pounds last month. But Mallory is still going to have to watch what she consumes now, because she doesn't want A) a huge baby and B) to gain more than 25pounds. So at current 27 weeks, I have gained at total of 19 lbs. and will only allow myself to gain 6 lbs. more in the next three months.

How this is going to happen? I have no idea, because I still want to drink ice cold Co-cola (as meme would say) and eat the weekly fries from some fast food restaurant. I don't eat a lot! I eat my normal portion I ate when I wasn't pregnant, so what is so different now?

But GiGi (aka Momma Kim) says I need to eat cooked vegetables and lean meat. Does anything sound so disgusting? She says no fried food, no cokes and no sweets! Where are the perks to being pregnant if i can't at the very least consume the foods I normally did before I was pregnant without any guilt? Well the guilt train has been out on a run for the past 27 weeks, and now is rolling back into Mallory Station, because now I feel bad every time I have a Coke and every time I eat something fried. Thanks a lot, all work and no fun for the pregnant girl.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

To Jay

I have always been the one to criticize people who blog, but since being inspired by Jay Houston and her blog Janey and Me, Happily I have really enjoyed keeping up with my blog, reading her's and exploring others. I find that sharing what you are going through helps so many people in so many ways. It helps them keep up with you, it helps them in their everyday life, makes them smile, makes them cry, makes them laugh, gives them a reality check, gives them things to look forward to, and sometimes makes their day. It makes them want to be better, it makes them want to be where you are, it gives them the hope they need, and it brings them on occasion to a closer understanding of how God sees them and all His children.

Jay you have done ALL of these things for me with EVERY one of your posts. They inspire me to the same honesty, and I thought you should know what an influence they have on me and I wanted to share that with everyone else who reads my own blog.

Your post recently "Something I Really Needed" was exactly what I really needed! I was holding back tears in the office this morning as a read it and wanted to share some of it with my readers.

"This is what I know now: You, pregnant mama-to-be, are nothing short of a walking miracle--heartburn, varicose veins, swollen ankles and all.

But this is my prayer for you: that just every once in a while, you have moments when everything stops, and you realize that you are blessed beyond measure, and that this season is faster than the blink of an eye.

Put your hands on your belly, and say thank you." --Shauna Niequist

And then Jay says:
"God answered her prayer, at least through me, today.

I made a promise to myself today that I would be thankful - that I would count these stretch marks and all the things that came with them as a blessing, as a reminder of the true gifts that came with them... and know that they are beautiful (for so many reasons), even if only in my eyes."

That really hit home with me because I know I am being a sour grape about this whole thing, thinking only of myself and about my body and how I am feeling. And I forget sometimes (well let's be honest, MOST of the time) that this time of being pregnant is fleeting and a miracle and the outcome is so much more important than the imperfections that come with it. So I am making the same pledge today and everyday afterwards, to count myself blessed, put my hands on my belly and say thank you, and to know that I am beautiful in my eyes and in His eyes. And more important than me, to be thankful that I have a miracle growing inside of me and to be happy that our lives will be better because of her.

Thanks Jay for all your inspiration and honesty. You have helped me more than you know!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beach Photos

So after a few shed tears and a little guilt from my sister, I did take some maternity photos while I was at the beach. I wasn't really in the mood (some hormonal issue that was totally unexplainable) but Marla says it might be my only chance so I figured I would try to put on a happy face, trek down to the beach and take some pictures. I figured most of you would be pretty proud of me since I vowed I wasn't doing this in the first place. But I am pleased with the ones I am going to show you, so I hope you all like them as well. Maybe I will take some other ones with Buddy later, I think he needs to suffer with me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We have an update on week 25! No fruit, but vegetable. She is the size of an eggplant this week, and probably for the next few weeks. She is moving around a lot and her kicks are getting a lot harder! I can see my belly jump and move when she kicks now, which is cool. Maybe seeing my belly move will suffice for some people instead of having to touch it....I can dream. My sources say her equilibrium is kicking in and she can now beginning to recognize what is up and what is down. So maybe I will be able to tell what direction she is facing soon, because I still have no idea.

We are here at the beach this week (Panama City Beach). Still no sign of oil here, but I hope that our little girl will be able to see this beautiful beach one day once this mess is cleaned up. I grew up going to the beach here and I want to share those same memories with her. It makes me sad to think about how bad it could get, and how long it could take to clean up. I guess only time will tell, right now we will enjoy the beach and hope for the best.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 24

Well still no fruit update this week. But her skin is now becoming pinker in color and less translucent, because of the fat deposits under her skin (no fat jokes Uncle Tommy). She also has begun to kick might hard in the past week. At least I think it is kicking, it is still hard to tell what limb is doing what and what position she is in.

I also have decided that she is shy, due to the fact that...
A) She usually moves around a lot while I eat, and she didn't move at all for Aunt Sarah at dinner on Friday night. I think it was too noisy with everyone talking/yelling and she was scared and shy. But she's gonna have to get over that, because the McBride's are loud and there is always a lot going on.
B) She just won't move for anyone expect for Buddy. I think it's because our voices are the most familiar and once she gets use to some other ones she will move around for them as well. So don't get discouraged, she will move for you one day!

Buddy has already begun the countdown (reminiscent of our wedding countdown) until baby gets here and just like the wedding one I have no idea how many days so don't ask me ask him! But I keep up with the weeks so 24 weeks down 16 to go!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Belly and an Outfit

So I wanted to add a few pictures to the blog for your enjoyment. First of all being my belly now at 23, almost 24 weeks.
And one closer up...
I feel like my belly can already stretch no more without busting, but I assume it will stretch or bust because I have quite a few more weeks to go.

Next Photo is of the sweet clothes Aunt Marla got her recently. The outfit has something to do with her name, so here is hint number 1...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 23

So my sources for the fruit references have left me without a fruit to share with you this week. They still say she is a papaya, but the length and weight vary from person to person. And as I peeked ahead at the rest of the list of future fruit I was disappointed to see that we only have a few left because they slow down on the week by week comparison. I assume they do this because the baby is growing too large and there are no longer enough large fruits to compare them to on that time schedule. Oh well, I guess I will have to find something else to talk about in between the fruit updates....

And for starters the three of us spent a world-wind Memorial Day weekend traveling to the east coast of Georgia, to the Gulf of Mexico and finally back home again. We got some sun...not as much as I would have liked, due to boredom on Buddy's side on Saturday and a scattered thunderstorm that scared us off the beach on Monday at 12 a.m. I guess I will just have to wait for another two weeks before I can enjoy an entire week of uninterrupted tanning with my parents and sister, with a brief stay from Buddy on the weekends.

But back to our trip. (sorry for the lack of pictures, I just couldn't force myself to break out a camera with the last few pictures I have seen of myself pregnant. I really do think I look pretty good for being pregnant until I see a picture....yikes!)

Side tracked again....We had a wonderful Friday and Saturday hanging out with Megan and Greg White (with a brief visit from Sarah Taylor) at their home in Savannah. We hung out late Friday once we made it there, and then spend a good bit of Saturday at the beach on Tybee Island. I have never been there before and I can say I was pleasantly surprised and liked it very much! We will have to visit again once baby girl is born and she can experience the beach outside the womb. That night we went to eat on River Street in Savannah. Good friends, good time, good sun, and good food, I think I could say we had a great stay!

So after a 7 hour drive on Sunday we arrived at the next stop on our adventure Rosemary Beach, Florida (aka the section of Panama City Beach that bans rednecks and makes you think of how fast you can make a million dollars to be able to afford a house in this picture-perfect subdivision of paradise) Tommy and Kelly invites us down for a brief visit to a house they were staying in for the weekend because of Tommy's new job. One look around once we got there and we knew....we weren't in Kansas anymore. This place is amazing, and I think we all would agree that if Mr. Jim (aka Gimmie/ Big Mac) wanted to purchase one we would not object! I mean it is SO kid friendly....just think of the grandkids and what an awesome time they would have! Just think of the kids...that's all I have to say.

All in all it was a great weekend, but I am exhausted. So sue me, I am having a cup of caffeinated coffee to wake up. Don't judge me.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Buddy Felt Her Move!

As of 10 p.m. last night, May 24, Buddy felt her move for the first time! She was moving a lot when I was lying down on my back so I put my hand on my stomach first to see if I could feel it on the outside and I did. So then I put Buddy's hand on my stomach where I felt the movement, below my bellybutton, and he felt her move three times! I turned and said, "Did you feel that?" and he said "Uh huh" with the most concentrated and trying-to-contain-the-excitement look on his face. It was a special moment for the three of us and especially the daddy-to-be! So glad that mile marker has come, now just waiting on the actual kicks to kick-in and the inevitable fact that everyone else will be touching my stomach trying to feel her move now too.

Word to the wise for everyone else...I will let you know if she is moving. I will put your hand on my stomach if I want you to feel it. So please try to retrain the sudden urges to touch my protruding belly at random times....especially in public! Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Monday, May 24, 2010


At week 22 our little girl is the size of a papaya and probably between 10-12 inches long (that's half way there). It is beginning to get tighter in there so she will soon have to keep the summersaults to a minimum and the minor adjustments in check. She can also hear things now like my voice and outside noises like music. And I think we have a little dancer/musician/vocalist on our hands because she was going crazy last night during the choir concert! Movin' and a grovin' in there during the up-tempo songs and slowing it down for the worship songs. It was strange to feel her move so much, but I am getting more use to it and more excited when she starts up.

Buddy tried to feel her move last night when she was dancing, but she stopped whenever his hand was on my stomach. I think it is the heat from his hand, it probably soothes her and calms her down. But I know he can't wait to feel it, so I try to put his hand on my stomach whenever she is moving a lot. Since she is sleeping in regular intervals now (12-14 hours a day) and is active in regular intervals, hopefully he will get his first kick sometime soon. I haven't figured out yet what her intervals are, but I am planning on documenting them once I get it figured out.

Oh and we picked out a name...but we have only told family so far. Maybe we will let it slip on the blog in a few days or weeks.

Friday, May 21, 2010

This Baby Is Making Me Uncomfortable!

So at only 21 weeks I.....

a) Can't seem to catch my breath
b) Can't cross my legs without feeling light-headed and fainty
c) Can't get comfortable to sleep (even with my mommy boppy, that Buddy nicknamed "The Blob" and if I didn't already feel like I belonged at the Heavyweights fat camp, that just did!)
d) Don't want to sit, I don't want to walk, I don't want to lie down.....Ah nothing is comfortable!
e) Have acne everywhere! Why could I not get clear skin for once in my life? Why? It is a curse I have to bare....and it's totally not fair!
f) Can already tell summer is going kick my butt, my tan is going to suffer because of the heat, I'm not going to feel pretty and I am going to be in a bad mood for the next four months, Congratulations Buddy!

Just wanted to keep you all up-to-date with how I am feeling and doing. :) And it is my prayer that once I have our baby girl all the complaining that I did will vanish at the sight of her and I will feel it was all worth it for her. And that the rest of you (Megan, Brianne, Ashley, Marla, Sarah, Becca, etc.) will go through the same things I am!

But seriously, I appreciate all of the support and kind words when I am feeling awful (fat, not pretty, uncomfortable, acne everywhere and the list goes on and on). I could not do it without you all, and I am so blessed that my baby girl will have so many aunts/other mothers that love her almost as much as I do (and that buy her things of course!) I love you all, thanks so much for everything so far and everything in the future in case I forget to thank you then!

Monday, May 17, 2010


So....according to my baby is a banana this week, but last week she was a cantaloupe. What? Obviously others had this question because on the message board we were informed that the sizes are not based on roundness or weight, but my length. So a banana is longer than a cantaloupe, but I think these comparisons are stupid! Another fun fact and weird jump, doctors stop measuring the baby from head to rump and now start measuring from head to foot, so if it looked like the length number got a lot bigger it's because of the change in measurement, not that she is growing THAT fast.

I am getting more and more uncomfortable, especially in church! Those seats and pews are uncomfortable and I am always HOT! I never I thought I would say that in Sherwood, but I am saying it now! My back has begun to hurt when I lay down so my first stop after work is Target to buy a mommy boppy. (thanks Jay for the suggestion) Hopefully that will help alleviate some of my pain and discomfort....I hope.

19 more weeks feels like a long time, but we have a lot to do before she gets here and I am sure we will need all of those weeks and weekends to prepare! We have signed up for childbirth classes and will be taking a Saturday crash course on July 31. We decided we would rather just do it in one sitting rather than have it drag out for 6 weeks.

Hopefully we can start on the nursery this week/weekend and at least have it cleaned out and primed so we can paint the next week. I think I am going to do navy and pink, take a look at my inspiration, I think you will like it as much as I did!

I actually found this same fabric at Joann's!