Thursday, September 23, 2010


My water broke at 4 a.m. on Thursday morning, September 17. I felt something when I was in bed and jumped up out of bed, when it was confirmed that my water had broken and I had not just peed on myself. I scared Buddy to death as he came out of the bathroom in pitch dark and was face to face with me as I said, "I think my water just broke." He jumped back and said, "Mallory!" in a frustrated voice and then took an step back and said, "What does that mean? Do we have to go?" I said, "Yep," and off I went to gather the last minute items to throw in our bag before we left for the hospital. I was really nervous, and Buddy tried to tell me to calm down, but I just didn't want to forget anything and I was about to deliver a BABY! So yeah I was a little shaky and nervous.

We send out the text messages, called the parents and headed off to the hospital around 4:45. Once we got there Buddy started on the paper work as I was getting settled in, in the labor and delivery room. Gown on, monitors strapped on, ready for the show to begin.

Let me just say now that it is really uncomfortable to have your water break and have to sit in it as it oozes out over the next 10 hours...gross I know.

So I sent out a few emails from my Blackberry to close up some work stuff before my contractions started getting bad. Well they never really got bad, but I called for the epidural at 3 cm anyway.

Epidural...bad decision. Started off good for the first hour, couldn't feel anything. Then my legs started feeling really irritated like they were going to sleep and I wanted to move them all around. Then I started turning over from side to side and I was really uncomfortable. So they thought I was still feeling my contractions except in my legs, so they came in and re-dosed my medication. Bad idea. That made everything worse, so much worse. Then they gave me something to make me completely numb to make all the pain go away. Another bad decision. I still felt the pain in my legs, got really nauseous, felt like I couldn't breathe and still wanted to turn from side to side but couldn't because I was as limp as a noodle. I freaked Buddy out, freaked my mom out and the poor nurse that was taking care of me. When Dr. Gaydos got there she made them stop the medicine and that is when things started getting better. I feel asleep after a while and when I woke up I could move my arms, breathe, felt no more sickness and began to get some feeling back in my legs. When she check me I was 9.5 cm dilated and was getting ready to push.

I felt some contractions that I couldn't talk through, but only on one side of my stomach. I pushed for 6 contractions and little Beau Brezec McBride made her debut into the world. Buddy cut the cord and they cleaned her up, weighted her and gave her some shots. They gave her to me and we had some family time before everyone came in to meet her. We immediatley fell in love with her, along with everyone else.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Beau's Nursery

Here is the completed nursery! I shot a video and also took some pictures.So glad it is done...all we need now is a baby.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Weeks To Go!

Where 3 weeks use to fly by, it now feels like an eternity! I keep thinking, "3 weeks, T-H-R-E-E, MORE WEEKS!" I don't think I can do three more weeks of this running to the bathroom twice and hour, or this taking a solid minute to get up from the bed or couch, or this itchy belly that feels like it is about to explode. I really hope and pray she comes early. I'll give her another week before I start getting really anxious, but after September 16, she better be packing her bags and moving on out in the next few days!

We received a surprise gift via UPS yesterday...our Pack and Play! My cousin Judd, his wife Annie, and their twins Kylie and Gavin sent us the last missing piece in our necessary baby items! We are so appreciative and have already put it together in anticipation for her arrival. (Sorry I forgot to take a picture this morning)

Also, I called today and our chair is in! Yay! The ottoman is still not here, but we can at least have the chair and hopefully the ottoman will be on its way shortly and arrive next week.

I have to also say thank you to Buddy who worked almost all day on Labor Day finishing the changing table by my imposed deadline. I know he would rather have spent the time lying on the couch (like I did) but he kept his promise and finished it! So now when we get the chair in the room it will be complete (minus the ottoman). Sigh of relief. Now I feel like she can come...well after I pack my bags. Then she can come.

More pictures to come tomorrow of the completed room! Yay!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

4 Weeks To Go

Well hopefully less. I am wanting to accomplish a lot of things this Labor Day weekend and then I will be ready for my own labor day...well at least feel ready. Buddy has told me that the changing table will be done this weekend (yay!), hopefully we will get a call this week about our chair being in (double yay!) and then the returns and shopping starts for all those last minute things. I need to order the pack-n-play too. I received a gracious gift card from the hostesses of one of my showers so that will go a long way in getting that. Here are pictures of some of the great things we got from one of our showers this weekend:

The SNUZZLER! From Aunt Marla

Kalincom Diaper Bag: Kiwi From Gigi

Bouncy Seat from Memaw (Megan's Memaw)

Handmade smocked dress and bonnet, and monogrammed diaper cover: From Gigi

Bathtime!: From Shug

As for our emotional and physical state this week...well I would say it is a lot better than the last two weeks. I have not cried once yet, but it's only Wednesday. Pray that I can keep this streak up. Buddy is helping me a lot. He seems to be the only person that can get me in a better mood almost immediately, make me smile when I want to cry and take care of my insecurities and emotional state like no one else. I really love him a lot...and I know he loves me too.

We need to put the car seat in the car, pack our bags and pack the diaper bag, wash baby clothes and breathe! If we can do all of that, I think we will be prepared.

Oh and we have to fit in some football this weekend. I am so glad that football will return this weekend. I have missed it so much. War Eagle! Go Dawgs! Beat Bama! (whoever you are)