Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Baby Clothes

So as promised (Victoria) I am posting some of the new things sweet potato has gotten so far, and if this is any indication of what her closet will look like by the end, it is going to be SLAM FULL! We are so appreciative of everything, and we look forward to all the other things we will get to buy....or be gifted.

Here is a shot of her closet so far...(courtesy of Sherie and Andy, Re-Nee, Shug [Shelia] and Victoria)

Here is what her Auntie (and that is pronounced Un-tee) Victoria got her...

Thanks for everything! And look at this sweet dress and onezy Buddy came home with a few weeks ago...I could have cried it was too sweet seeing him standing there holding these tiny girl clothes that he picked out while at Target. So sweet, I hope I never forget that.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Potato

I guess for a while we have moved on to veggies, but this week at least the word SWEET is in the name of this vegetable! Our little girl is now the size of a sweet potato, this one will be fun to say this week...a lot more fun than onion.

I have to apologize to Auntie Victoria because I need to make a post of her recent investments to sweet potato's wardrobe. And that will be coming this week, hopefull along with pictures of my belly, a post on Buddy's clothes he bought and one on idea #1 for the nursery.

I also have another doctor's appointment this week on Wednesday. Nothing big, just a monthly check-up, but at week 20 we will be getting our halfway mark ultrasound. I really love these ultrasounds, it is so weird to see her moving around in there. It makes everything so real, but also really mind-blowing. I sit there with a wrinkled brow and think this is so weird I can't comprehend that there is a little person INSIDE ME, but I can't take my eyes off the screen and I could probably sit there for hours watching, but sadly they only last about 5 minutes :(

More to come, keep us in your prayers! Especially as we try to figure out a name...I am trying not to stress, but it is getting a little overwhelming.

P.S. I think I felt her move for the first time on Friday night! Flutter, flutter, flutter

Monday, April 19, 2010


That's right, at week 17 our baby girl is now the size of an onion. No sweet fruit this week, a stinky onion. But some very cool things are happening! Her fingers actually have one-of-a-kind finger prints now and her bones are beginning to harden and will no longer be squshy cartliage.

Still no movement yet (although Buddy has tried numerous times, I tell him "If I can't feel it yet, how are you?" but is is super sweet he tries all the time). I am placenta forward, so that is adding another layer of cusion between me and the baby, so she will have to get bigger before I feel her, which is fine with me for now. I am excited to feel it, but the idea of something moving around inside of me still kinda freaks me out.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Baby Clothes

So I really wanted to buy something on Monday to celebrate the fact that I could buy something gender specific, but I was super tired and never made it. But yesterday I found three precious things at Target that I had to get...hum I wonder if that is how I will be from now on "I just had to get it." Hum?

The first thing I picked up was the bodysuit with "I Love Mom" weird that someone will call me Mom and I will be a mom to someone....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Front Door Wreath

I made my first wreath and I am SO proud of it! I found the perfect fabric for the bow and I will still have some extra to make two outdoor pillows for my porch.

I thought 1 yard of burlap was going to be enough, but when I went to make it I found I needed two to make it full. I also tied some tool that was the same color (that I just happened to have on hand) inbetween the various sections to hold it in place and keep it from sagging.

Once I get all of my porch completed I will post a picture as well, but right now it's just the fabulous wreath!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Was Wrong...It's Girl!

So for all of you who said girl (Becca, Sarah, Marla, Mrs. Kathy) you were right! And there is NO doubt that it could be a boy because I asked a few times to make sure. We were really prepared for them to say "boy" so when LeAnn (our nurse) said, "let me go get Jannet to check, but I am pretty sure those are little girl parts" we were both shocked!

Wow! It took all of yesterday afternoon to sink in, but I am getting really excited about all the super cute things I can buy now for a girl, her nursery ideas are already swarming in my head, but I have to get through with our masterbedroom before I start on the nursery.
I am posting a few more pictures from the ultrasound that were really good.

And our reaction to the news (yesterday) that we are having a girl....I am sure if we took it again today we would be way less uncomfortable and way more excited!

Monday, April 12, 2010


This week we are moving on to 16 weeks and our baby is now the size of an avocado! Hum that makes me kinda of hungry for some Mexican food, but hey, what else is new!

Boy or girl? Hopefully we will find out this week! We will be heading up to The Veranda sometime this week (maybe today!) to see if we can see what our little avocado really is! I think Buddy is more excited than I am because he keeps asking me when we are going and I keep telling him whenever you get off work this week so give me your schedule!

Hopefully we will be able to get it on video so I can post that and a few pictures from the ultrasound and maybe some of our reaction (those will probably be hilarious). Make sure to make your guess if you haven't yet, because time is running out and you want to be right!

What is my guess?....Boy.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


So I just fell in love with the idea of doing my own wreaths for some doors in our home after seeing these on this blog. Which one should I try my hand at first....?

This one is made out of tissue paper and a wire wreath frame. Once i find out what our little orange is (boy or girl) I want to make one for the door to their room in either this white, or blues if a boy and pinks if it is a girl. I am super excited about it so i want to find out soon!

And i think i want to make this one for the front door, a nice rustic touch for our aspiring cottage.

I would change the ribbbon, possibly gingam in a fun spring color and another wooden tie. A fun flower, or eggs, really anything i can find that is cute.

I think i will start with the burlap because my front door is begging for something and it will be the cheaper.

I have another wreath that is awesome below made out of old book pages and a foam ring. I think i will try to find a HUGE ring and make this wreath to put over our couch. The blank wall is really needing some help and i think this will be a cute fix for now.

But i have to get through a wedding this weekend before i can begin my projects, but i am so excited it probably won't detour me from going to the fabric store to get my supplies today!

More pictures to come later on how they all turn out!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blog Button

Ultrasound Weeks 8 and 10

Here are the first ultrasounds we have had.
The first one is at 8 weeks when we saw it for the first time. We both really didn't say much, just titlted our heads like confussed puppies as we looked at the screen thinking, "There really is a baby in there...hum."

And at week 10 they had a hard time hearing the heartbeat with the doppler, so (since my mom works at the office) they said they wanted to do another ultrasound "just to be safe." Buddy wasn't there, but I got to see the baby kicking it's little legs and moving it's arms around. It was so weird and awesome! They tried to catch a good picture of the kicking legs, but it's kind of faint. I tried to label it so you will be able to see.

More to come next week, when we will find out if it is a boy or girl! That one might actually be a video, but I probably will do a picture or two as well.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby's Heartbeat

Here is the heartbeat I promised. It is only 5 seconds (because my camera died), but you can hear it going so fast!

I wish I had video footage from the first time we tried because it was hilarious to see my mom and Mrs. Kathy both fighting over who could find it better and one awful doppler cutting on and off by its own will. Once we found/stole the round doppler (not that flat one, Mrs. Kathy hates that one) it came in pretty clear, but was still a little muffled. This one is much better.

Navel Orange

Welcome to the McBride baby blog. Here you can see all the happenings from inside and outside my growing belly.

I am currently 15 weeks and G-baby (has Tommy has so lovingly nicknamed it) is the size of a naval orange! Its legs are now longer than its arms and is looking more human everyday.

I made my first few trips to buy maternity clothes, because I am outgrowing all my usual pants and shorts (it's just plain uncomfortable). Maybe I will post some of my maternity outfits once I start showing a bit more. Pictures to come on my belly growth later, at Megan's request.

Next week we fill find out 75% sure if it is a boy or girl, so I can stop refering to our baby as it and can say he or she from now on. Buddy is hoping for a boy, and I could go either way...but the baby girl clothes are calling out to me (they are so cute!) Sarah Mcbride, Marla, Becca and Mrs. Kathy think that it is a girl, while Mr. Jim, Buddy, and my mom think that is is a boy. We will see next week who was right! That's it for now, ultrasound timeline (so far) to come, along with a video where we heard the heartbeat!