Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 31

I feel like the weeks are closing in on us. Maybe that's because people keep asking/saying things like this:
"So 31 weeks, you got everything ready yet?"
Buddy responds, "Yeah, basically."
(Mallory looks at him like, have you seen the nursery?) And then pips up and says, "No, we aren't even close."
Buddy says, "Well basically."
Mallory (still with a look of utter confusion) says, "No."

So yeah we have painted, and yeah I have sewn a few things, and maybe we have a crib now. But we are nowhere near being done or ready! Although I don't think I will ever be ready, at least I can have the room ready and that will give me some comfort. But now I have very minimal comfort, I have minimal comfort in my plan of attack and my direction for the nursery.

Remember how I was going to go with navy and pink. Well someone should have slapped me around and told me that two colors would be tacky and drive me crazy! So i scrapped everything I had previously done and purchased (which broke my wallet) and bought all new fabric for the nursery. This color palette has a greater range, and I just want to go sit in there now all the time. Which before I wanted to cry. But my sitting cannot be accomplished until I complete the bumper pads, paint a bookcase, get the dresser in that Buddy is building and um I don't know buy a chair!

I did find some chairs at Brooks Furniture that I really like. One is the perfect color (a golden yellow), and on sale. Although I like the way others feel a little bit better, I don't know if I like them $100 better, so I will have to take Buddy back later to help me decide. Plus I want Buddy to be comfortable too so he needs to weigh in on that as well.

Pictures to come of phase 2 in the nursery tomorrow. Hopefully.

Friday, July 23, 2010

We Got a Crib!

We are really moving along with this whole nursery thing. Our crib was delivered yesterday and Buddy came right home from working an 8 hr. day starting at 4 a.m. and put it together. Although it didn't take him very long, because he is so handy like that, he went straight to sleep afterwards.

I am almost done with the crib skirt. I tried to do some ghettoness (by taping it to the crib)to make things easier, but I am going to have to do it the right way and sew all four pieces to the right length of muslin. It really is very easy, but I just wanted to be done with it so I tried it the ghetto way first with no luck and no approval from my mom. So with her help I am going to fix it.

Also I have decided that I might go insane in a room with only pink and navy in every nook and cranny. So I am headed to PJ's today to see if I can find some fabric for the bumper pads that has some pinks, blues and other colors...because I NEED some other colors...ASAP. I will probably work on the bumper pads this weekend and hopefully have an updated picture of the crib for you on Monday or Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nursery Phase 1: Paint

As we make room for baby, we had to turn my sewing room into a nursery and the first thing that had to go was the brown paint. While I was away at the beach in June Buddy chose a pink (because of the name "sweetie pie") and painted the room. When I returned home I decided I really wanted a high chair rail with the bottom painted white. So when Ashley Miller decided to join us for the 4th of July, I put her to work helping me paint the bottom white and Buddy to work making the chair rail. We ended up getting it all done within the weekend and it went by really fast!

Now that the fumes have settled I have begun the sewing process. Once all is done I will post pictures of the pieces which will include curtain, bed skirt, bumper pads and a pillow or two.

Next will be furniture. We have ordered the crib and it will be here in 6-10 days. Then all we need is a dresser, a chair and a book case that I am getting from my grandparents house that was mine when I was little.

Then comes the accessories. Lamps, picture frames, rug, nick nacks, etc. Ah! So many things to do, but hopefully I have ten more weeks to get it all done. But I can't count on that so I am going to try and have it done by the end of August. Hopefully that will be plenty of time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Finally Registered...

So with some strong encouragement from my friends and help from my mom I registered on Saturday. I hit Love Letters, Target, Make Room For Baby and online at Babies R Us. I am still thinking about going to Place on the Pointe because I forgot about it, but I feel like I have enough already. So maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Let me just say that if my mom hadn't gone with me, I would have been completely lost! She was a great help and I am so thankful for a mother who is willing to do these things with me and give me great advice. It also doesn't hurt that she worked on the Labor and Delivery floor and is an OB-GYN nurse. That's just icing on the cake. Hopefully I will continue to listen to her years of wisdom and become at least half the mom that she had been to me. Because if I can do that, I think I will be doing ok.

Here are the links to the places I registered if you are interested in checking out some of the things that Beau will need once she arrives!

Target Baby Registry
Babies R Us Registry
You'll have to visit Love Letters and Make Room for Baby to view the registry.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Passed!

After 3 days of junk food, one morning of fasting, 100 ml of orange sugar drink, a few moments of nasousness, and four needles I passed my glucose test! Yay I don't have gestational diabetes!

I did go into a sugar coma after lunch though and slept for 3 hours. But I really needed the rest so that was good. Thanks for all the prayers, I am glad that is over and I can continue with my regular diet and Beau won't be fat.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Her First Outfit

So instead of having Beau Breezy's first outfit being a typical hospital onesie and hat, I decided that she needs something a little different and stylish. Of course being my child, she needs to make a fashion statement in a super cute outfit while greeting the family and friends for the first time. I think I found the perfect thing for her grand entrance and debut.

Oh Etsy how I love you....

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? She will be wearing the pink hat with the white flower to match this...

I think I am just going to have a lowercase "b" and not do her name. I like the name, but I want to keep it simple and cute. And I have decided that I have GOT to learn how to crochet, because I have seen the most adorable hats that cost too much to buy. Hey! I am crafty. I am sure I can figure it out eventually.

Potential halloween costumes....fruit, bear, lion...all SO CUTE!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 29

She is a squash this week! And boy does she like to kick...although still not on command as my disappointed friends and family know. As you can see in the picture, she is anywhere from 2.5 to 3.7 lbs. now! She really doesn't feel that long or that big, but I still can't really tell what she is doing in there.

We had a fun and busy weekend at Aunt Becca's wedding. This is the second wedding Beau has been in and she isn't even born yet!

Also, last week I got some potentially bad news. It looks like my glucose levels are a little high and now I have to take the 3 hour glucose screening test to see if I have gestational diabetes. Yay...

This test includes a 3 day diet I have to follow which I should be excited about, but for some reason I am not. I have to eat my regular meals and then add three things from this list for three days. These things include ice cream, cereal, milk, fruit, bread with jelly, candy bar, sweet roll?, and some other things. The milk I can add, the ice cream probably, fruit yeah. But a candy bar? Really? I haven't eaten a candy bar in years! The thought makes my mind race and my stomach turn. And what in the world is a sweet roll? Can i substitute donut? Because I can fit in a donut.

Anyway, my test is scheduled for Thursday and I will let you all know the results when I do, just send up a quick prayer if you remember. I really don't want to add this to my plate.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 28

Well, she's still an eggplant this week, just packing on the pounds and working on her brain development. She is approximately 2.5 lbs. and between 15 and 17 inches long. She really doesn't feel that big in there, but that's what they say. She can hear noises now and respond to them, as made evident at the fireworks show at Freedom Festival on the 4th of July. The finale really got her moving good. But she still refuses to move on command and is very shy about anybody else feeling her kick and move besides her daddy. Oh well she will have to learn to get over that shyness, because A LOT of people are waiting to hold her.

I have had my restroom visits amped up and my back pain has begun. Also that constant state of exhaustion and wanting to crawl into bed and take a nap is back with a vengeance. So sleepy, so much work. But Lisa (lady at work) did suggest that maybe I go home at lunch and take a quick power nap so I won't be so tired in the afternoon. I might take that suggestion a few times a week...not every day of course.

Today is my glucose test, so hopefully that all goes smoothly and my results will be good. I am already having problems with my diet, and I would hate to add gestational diabetes to the mix.

Yawn, I want to go back to bed.

We did get a lot done with the baby room this weekend and the two weeks before then. Buddy picked out a sweet shade of pink (sweetie pie was the name of the paint) and painted her room while I was gone on vacation with my parents and sister. Then Ashley and I painted the bottom part white and Buddy added a chair rail type of thing around the whole room. Thanks Ashley for helping paint Beau Breezy's room and for visiting us!


Friday, July 2, 2010

4D Pictures

We got the first glimpse of how our baby girl will look once she is born today. And when I say we, I mean me, Buddy, Mr. Jim, Mrs. Shelia, Kim and Steve. No aunts or uncles present, but they were there in spirit. We think she has my nose with Buddy's lips. Let us know what you think.